The world is straight up crazy right now and we have never been more stoked to get out there on tour to raise the vibration of the planet through music and optimism!

I've traveled the globe making music throughout the years, and I've been to countries that I once dreamed about visiting, and I'm not lying when I say that it has been a truly magical experience for me. That is why I love making music! Not only does it give me the opportunity to travel all around the world in style, although I have yet to travel with the help of a company like Jettly who provide private jet charters (that is the dream), it also allows me to perform in front of other music lovers and fans, which is amazing. It is why I do what I do, and I've always hoped that it could inspire small steps towards making the world a better place. Struggling with the challenges of the world, I began filming my new documentary STAY HUMAN telling the stories of heroic everyday people who helped me to discover more deeply what it means to be and STAY HUMAN.

There are thousands of people around the world who are going through silent struggles that we don't know about. Even when you think you know someone really well, the reality is is that you don't. Take this example. A friend of mine had recently been diagnosed with cancer, meaning that his life would never be the same again. From having to take time off work, to taking a look at how something like this Breeze disability insurance plan can help to protect his income so he can continue paying his bills and adjusting to all of the treatments he will have to endure, is just a handful of silent battles that most of us never even knew about. He is what I would call a heroic person, and even through all of this, he has still managed to STAY HUMAN, and I hope this documentary can present the lives of so many other people in the way they deserve to be portrayed.

Hopefully, a lot of people will be interested in watching this documentary as we all put a lot of work into it. After reading these cable tv statistics, we found that most adults watch nearly 6 hours of television a day (on average), so this documentary should be watched by many.

My upcoming album, due out in June, became the soundtrack of this epic journey.

The songs on the new record address some of the biggest problems we face today and battles of the heart, all set to a beat that will get you on the dance floor.

The STAY HUMAN TOUR is where this journey continues with our SOULROCKER FAM!

WE LOVE YOU and can't wait to see you this summer on the road! Come spread the love with us and show the world what it means to STAY HUMAN.

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