Soulrocker Fam Membership FAQ

Q: How do I join the Soulrocker Fam?

A. Join the Soulrocker Fam, Michael Franti's Official tour & fan club, by visiting this JOIN page. Members have access to exclusive benefits including access to pre-sale ticket codes, exclusive discounts on merch, and more!

Q. How soon after joining the Soulrocker Fam will I have access to membership benefits?

A. Once you've joined the Soulrocker Fam, you will have immediate access to ALL benefits.  Log in to the site and any exclusive benefits will automatically display on the pages.  As a member of the Soulrocker Fam, your pre-sale code will be displayed on your account profile page when you are logged in. You will also receive an email following your purchase of a membership that includes your ticket presale code.

You will receive 15% off most items in the online store. Your discount will be reflected automatically on those items when you are logged in using your membership log in details.

Q. Who do I contact regarding technical issues with the website or my Soulrocker Fam Membership?

A. If you are having technical problems or questions, please email your concerns to

Q. Where can I find my presale code?

A. You can find your ticket presale code on your account page when you are logged in.

Q. I've forgotten my password. How do I recover/change my password?

A. Migrate to the account page and click "Forgot Password". You will be redirected here.

Q. What are the benefits of having a Soulrocker Fam Membership?

A. Membership benefits can be found here.